Mindfulness Through Movement

Relax! And don't forget to breathe...

Miguel & Sarah de Sousa

Mindfulness Through Movement

"In order to understand the dance, one must be still. And in order to truly understand stillness, one must dance." -Rumi

Social dancing teaches us about movement, balance, bodily awareness, and self-expression, in a format that necessitates communication with a partner. Unlike choreography, social dance is spontaneous and therefore requires present centered awareness. Mindfulness training, which teaches us how to be more present and listen deeply, offers a way to transform our connection and breathe new life into our dancing as leaders and followers.

Sarah and I have created a four-part curriculum that explores the mind-body connection through mindfulness practice and balance, connection, rhythm and movement in our dancing. Together, we bring over 30 years of dance experience along with Sarah's Masters in Psychology.

Contact us if you wish to bring this curriculum to your dance community.

Part 1: Balance

  • Mindfulness Practice: Cultivating "alive stillness" in one's own body. Exploring the relationship between stillness and movement. Resting into the body's natural capacity for balance and centeredness.
  • Dance Concepts: Balance, Alignment and Posture, head weight, letting the music move YOU rather than moving to the music, releasing upper body tension.

Part 2: Connection

  • Mindfulness Practice: Body Scan meditation; connecting to our own body as a musician tunes an instrument. Cultivating attention to where the body is in space and how energy moves through the body, calling particular attention to the "back body."
  • Dance Concepts: Connection is an energetic transaction-- we must be attuned to our own bodies to receive the signals that tell us when, where, and how to counterbalance our partner's movement.

Part 3: Movement

  • Mindfulness Practice: Body Scan mediation; connecting to our own body as well as to the music. Allowing the movement to travel through the body. Cultivating non-judgement to both yourself and your partner.
  • Dance Concepts: Movement is dance...dance is movement. Smoothness and fluidity come from awareness of center through space.

Part 4: Integration

  • Mindfulness Practice: Body Scan meditation; connecting to music. Allowing the music to fill the body and move you.
  • Dance Concepts: Combining previous techniques into one smooth flow. Awareness of center on foot while allowing body flight. Awareness of counterbalance points in relation to the partner.

"You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art." -Rumi